24-25-26 November 2017


The Homebrewing fair in Turin


Birrafacendo is the first Homebrewing fair in Turin. It has the objective to become the point of meeting among people who operate in the sector of the Homebrewing and who shares the passion for the production of the homemade beer, besides it want to increase the level of production of the homemade beer in the city of Turin and in Piemonte.

You find

You will find all the necessary for the Homebrewing, equipments for the brewery, cleaning products, raw materials as water, malt of barley and others cereals, hop, yeast, etc., you will find also complete kits for brewering, bottling products and also books and manuals to prepare a perfect homemade beer.


Homebrewing is the art to produce homemade beer. In Italy, Thanks to the legislative decree n. 504 arts. 34, co. 3 the 26th October 1995 it is possible to produce beer in private (at home) to be consumed by the same producer by his family and by his guests, to condition that it is not object of some activity of sale without paying its excise tax. Homebrewing is a particular and fascinating, economic and legal hobby, obviously when produced without commercial purposes.

The Great Event in Turin Birrafacendo approaching those who share the same passion in Homebrewing.

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Via Nizza 294 Torino – Italia – CAP 10126  

Birrafacendo is located at Lingotto Fiere, a multifunctional and flexible building, few minutes far from the city center. It is easy to reach Lingotto with public transports and it is situated inside a historical location, the ex-establishments Fiat. The tent 1 offers a an expositive surface of 5590 mqs.
The Birrafacendo fair, is a cultural appointment that opens the doors in Turin to the participants and it offers the possibility to visit the city with its squares, museums and historical buildings during all the period of manifestation.


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Informations request for EXIBITORS

Exhibitors profile:
Suppliers of equipment for brewing, cleaning products, sanitizing products, commodities such as water, malts, hops, yeast, etc …, suppliers of prepared kit and complete for brewing, products for bottling and drink, books and manuals on homebrewing, pre-owned equipment.

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Informations request for VISITORS

Visitors profile:
Birrafacendo is for all those who are intrigued by the passion for beer.

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